Everlasting Candles

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Candles are always used when it comes to creating an emotional, pleasant, or festive atmosphere. A romantic food or a birthday cake without candles – indispensable.

Everlasting tea light holder in candle shape, with only a tea light needs to be replaced. An everlasting candle that never gets smaller and always keeps its shape. In addition, it is frost-resistant and does not affect the sunlight and heat. Due to the included and also available tea light in the transparent cup after a few minutes the light of the flame shines through the case of the plastic candle. From a real candle, this beautiful designer candle is now hardly distinguishable. No more unsightly distortions like real candles, the self-extinguishing flame of the original  tea lights. The UV resistance of the plastic used allows for use in sunlight. Made in Germany. Each permanent candle is made in a German handicraft company on the lath. A piece of German handmade tradition with classic or modern design.

Easy to use – a piece of cake for everyone. In the tealight holder made of high-quality, robust plastic fits perfectly with original tea light. German tailoring by excellence! When the tea light dies, it only needs a new one and the candle looks like new again.