Classic and elegance in white merge into a clear design.

In recognition of the traditional candle craft,  Classic tea light holder corresponds to the classic candle shape. The usual rounding at the top gives the tea-light holder a touch of elegance.

This permanent candle is also available in different sizes. So there is the perfect height and diameter for every decoration area.

With Everlasting candles they bring you a light source which combines the flickering light and warmth of a real wax candle with the security of the self extinguishing conrolled flame of a tealight. Everlasting candles are reusable indefiniely. They do not burn down on the inside like a real candle. This keeps the falme visible at all times. No mess caused by running wax.


8x15CM (WxH)

Insert Size:

Nightlights  (Ø 8 cm)